Care and Guidance

Congratulations on the purchase of your Relievo. This premium 3D replica has been made with the greatest possible care: printed with high quality inks on selected artist’s linen. To ensure your Relievo remains in good condition, the following care and cleaning tips are recommended.


  • Do not hang your Relievo in direct sunlight; UV rays can cause serious fading. Fluorescent lighting, which has a particularly high UV content, should also be avoided.
  • Do not hang your Relievo over or near heating sources or heating air ducts.
  • It is not generally recommended to hang your Relievo over fireplaces, but if you do want to, please check these items carefully:
    • the heat is directed out towards the room and not flowing upwards
    • no smoke particles are being released around the fireplace
    • check for excessive heat next to or above the fireplace
  • Ideally, display your Relievo in an environment that is controlled for both humidity and temperature. Changes in relative humidity and temperature can cause sagging, through expansion and contraction of the canvas on the stretcher frame.

Hanging and Lighting

  • Always use proper picture hooks for strength and security. We recommend fastening two hooks to a secure wall that will take the weight of the Relievo on its hanging wire.
  • Lighting fixtures should be mounted at the proper angle to minimise any glare. When installing these fixtures, endeavour to aim the lights at approximately a 30 degree angle from above. This steep down angle will prevent reflected glare from the surface of the Relievo and will produce shadows that will emphasize the 3D contours.
  • Do not place the lamps too close to the Relievo. For example, a 40 watt bulb should be no closer than 45 centimetres. The bright light and heat given off by the lamps could damage your Relievo if placed too close.
  • For best results use halogen or LED lamps with a “flood beam spread” as opposed to a “spot beam spread”. This will more evenly illuminate your Relievo.


  • General cleaning of surface dust and debris can be done with a dust blower (available from most computer and arts and crafts stores).
  • If you notice a dust buildup on your Relievo, remove the Relievo from the wall and place it flat on a table or other stable horizontal surface. Then, use a soft brush to lightly clean both picture and frame. You should not need to dust more than once every 2 to 3 years.
  • Do not use solvents or cleaners of any kind on your Relievo or frame. If you need to clean a stain on the Relievo or frame, lightly dampen a sponge with water and clean very carefully by dabbing the surface.


  • When moving your Relievo, make sure it will be protected from the elements and from any physical damage. Use the original transport case along with the internal packaging to protect your valued possession.


  • Should, in time, any complaints or defects arise despite a careful handling of the Relievo as described above, you can contact the Van Gogh Museum for further information at
  • The Van Gogh Museum is not legally responsible for any damages or defects that are caused by improper use of the Relievo, such as – but not limited to – any use contrary to the Care and Guidance instructions described above.