What is Relievo™

A Relievo is a three-dimensional, full scale reproduction of a Van Gogh painting, recreating colour, brightness and texture as accurately as possible. A Relievo presents you not only with an accurate reproduction of the front of a Van Gogh painting, but of the back as well. The back side of many paintings often carries various stickers and labels of museums that once exhibited the work. These stickers tell their own story about the history of the work of art and thus add a further dimension. In terms of scale, brightness and texture, a Relievo resembles the original painting very closely.

The promise

These premium quality, three-dimensional replicas enable you to enjoy the passion of Van Gogh, the brightness of his colours and the energy of his brushstrokes in your own environment. They are made possible by the Reliefography technique—a new and unique reproduction process developed by the experts at Fujifilm and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

From big picture to small detail

The Reliefography technique, combining the emotion of Van Gogh masterpieces with state-of-the-art technologies, involves scanning of the original painting with a multidimensional scanner. Manual specialist handling and quality checks are required for the production of each Relievo. Each recreated masterpiece is approved by the Van Gogh Museum.

Opening Ceremony of
the Debut of the Relievo Collection